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Our Mission

The voice of the GT Industry

The GTA serves as the unified voice for the gas turbine industry. Today Gas Turbines produce more than a quarter of our nation's electricity. They are a cornerstone energy conversion technology, providing electricity and heat for industries and communities.

Gas turbines will play an increasingly important role in the achievement of national objectives related to energy and the environment. Recent technical advances make gas turbines the logical choice for new power generation and for replacing the aging fleet of thermal facilities operating on oil or coal:

  • Flexible; permits "Shadowing" renewables to keep the power grid stable
  • Use low-carbon, plentiful, cheap natural gas to reduce toxic and GHG emissions
  • Lower capital costs;
  • Easier permitting;
  • Quicker to construct;
  • Smaller footprint
  • Portable (in smaller sizes) for emergency power and temporary needs

Policy makers and other stakeholders need to know how gas turbines can meet the evolving power generation needs of our nation. Representing all major power gas turbine equipment manufacturers, the mission of the Gas Turbine Association is to provide the information needed to fully realize this potential.

History of the GTA


On May 14th 2019 the Gas Turbine Association hosted a briefing for House and Senate staff that focused not only the need for dramatically increased funding for gas turbine related research, but more specifically for HR 2659, legislation introduced by Congressmen Tonko (NY) and McKinley (WV) which would directly address that need. GTA was supported in the presentation, by representatives from the American Gas Assn (AGA), the American Public Gas Assn (APGA), and the U.S. Advanced Ceramics Assn (USACA). Staff representatives from 36 Senate and House offices attended the briefing, where they were not only able to hear presentations from each of the aforementioned organizations, but were also provided with informational rich materials that provided added context to the material provided by the speakers. This is the fourth year that GTA has sponsored and organized this event which in addition to educating congressional staff about issues important to our industry, as also been extremely helpful in helping GTA to raise its Washington profile and to expand its political footprint. Read More

Focus Areas

Government Affairs

When GTA speaks, government officials can be confident they are hearing the consensus voice of the gas turbine industry. GTA's Government Affairs committee focuses on increasing government recognition and support of the gas turbine industry. The Committee educates policy makers on applications and advantages of gas turbines, and advocates positions of interest on legislative and regulatory proposals. read more...


The mission of the Environmental Affairs Committee is to develop and implement a strategy for ensuring reasonable and responsible environmental practices for gas turbines. Through the committee the gas turbine community can develop environmental policy recommendations for communication to regulators and legislators. read more...

Technical Affairs

The GTA Technical Affairs Committee develops recommendations for government-supported technology R&D programs. The Committee also provides an industry forum to develop industry technical guidelines needed to increase the understanding and utilization of gas turbine engines. read more...

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