Environmental Affairs Committee
Leslie Witherspoon, Chairman

GTA Comments to Technology Review Questions (PDF)

International, Federal, and State Regulatory Development   – meet with or contact international, federal, or state authorities (US/Canada) to discuss and review existing or proposed regulations that impact gas turbines.  Conduct meetings to educate regulators.  Comment on proposed local, state, federal, regional, and selected international regulations.

Gas Turbine MACT - activities related to delisting gas turbines from a Maximum Achievable Control technology (MACT) standard.

New Source Review - monitor activity of rules/activity (ozone, particular matter) that impact gas turbines.

Green House Gases - participate as necessary to promote the use of gas turbines as a solution to green house gas reduction efforts.

Position Papers - develop technical papers for use in communication with regulators and legislators.  Committee responds to incorrect or inaccurate technical positions on gas turbine issues, and promotes environmental advantages of gas turbine technology.


The mission of the Environmental Affairs Committee is to develop and implement a strategy for ensuring reasonable and responsible environmental practices for gas turbines.  Through the commitee the gas turbine community can develop environmental policy recommendations for communication to regulators and legislators.   The Committee conducts productive dialogue regarding the development of a regulatory climate that encourages the use of clean efficient gas turbine applications in new and retrofit installations.  Government officials can be confident they are hearing the consensus voice of the gas turbine industry when GTA speaks.

GTA Comment Letters: