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Member Testimonials

"GTA is an invaluable industry platform for my service business, allowing us to enhance our knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of our energy future.  It provides a forum to amplify our advocacy with key energy industry stakeholders as to where critical technology investments are needed to ensure gas turbines remain a vital contributor to our decarbonizing energy future."
Jeff Benoit, Power Systems Mfg., LLC (PSM) – Associate Member

"GTA provides a strong, unified voice for the environmental, operational, and economic benefits of advanced gas turbines."
Sean Bradshaw, Pratt & Whitney – Regular Member

"For our team, GTA continues to provide an efficient path to advocate for the advancement of gas turbine technology and for the issues related to gas turbine emissions regulations."
Leslie Witherspoon, Solar Turbines – Regular Member

"For a small business, GTA gives us a voice to our business goals, objectives, and interests.  As important, GTA provides the opportunity to contribute and add value in an industry and market that is vital to our energy future."
Sal DellaVilla CEO, Strategic Power Systems, Inc. – Associate Member

“Our university is looking to gain access to key thought leaders in the energy ecosystem to bridge between our world today and the future that our students are looking to build.  We believe that gas turbines will continue to have an important role in the U.S. energy portfolio.”
Karen A. Thole, PhD, Distinguished Professor and Department Head, Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University – Affiliate Member

“Gas turbines are expected to remain a dominant means of electrical power production and aircraft propulsion in the foreseeable future. UCONN Engineering has strong ties to gas turbine industry and is involved in research and education in areas relevant to gas turbine technologies. Our research involves both experimental and computational studies in combustion, heat transfer, and high temperature materials and coatings, as well as systems engineering for GT systems. Our graduates are highly sought out by GT OEMs and affiliated industries. Given the importance of mitigating climate change while still meeting the world's energy demands, we applaud and support GTA's mission in promoting clean, efficient, and sustainable gas turbine technologies and the synergies with renewable energy systems.”
Chih-Jen (Jackie) Sung, PhD, Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Professor in Sustainable Energy, Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut - Affiliate Member

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