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Bipartisan Congressional Support

2021 - “Natural gas is a vital fuel source to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”… Senator Dan Sullivan as part of his support for an amendment with Rep. Manchin joining all Republicans in favor.

2020 - “America needs energy policy that can endure, rather than one that changes after each election and judicial decision,” said Rep. McKinley. “No policy can succeed without certainty, and certainty requires bipartisan consensus. Our approach will reduce carbon emissions while ensuring affordable and resilient power generated from all sources. Furthermore, by positioning America as a leader in innovation it will allow us to export technology to the rest of the world and provide a global solution to this problem.”

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2019 - “Energy efficiency should be our fuel of choice. Advancing research and development to improve gas turbine efficiency will reduce carbon pollution and put America in a position to compete for an even greater share of the global energy market while creating more well-paying manufacturing jobs,” Rep. Tonko

2017 – “Gas turbine technologies are the key to converting America’s own energy resources into the jobs and electrons that drive our nation’s economy today and in the decades to come.” Rep. McKinley & Rep. Tonko