U.S. Gas Turbine Industry Briefs Congressional and Administration Leaders on fundamentals of gas turbine technology, and opportunities for job creation and economic growth provided by U.S. gas turbine manufacturing


 Government Affairs Committee
Rick Shelby , Chairman



Energy Legislation – support energy legislation to encourage the use of turbine technology through the creation of new production incentive, tax, R&D and demonstration programs and policies.

Market Access – work federal and state small generator interconnection issues to ensure market access for distributed energy turbine, microturbine and turbine/fuel cell hybrid power generation systems.

Clean Air Legislation – examine legislative provisions amending the Clean Air Act (such as the ‘Clear Sky’ and the ‘Climate Stewardship’ legislation) that might impact the regulation of power plant emissions - including both state and federal multi-pollutant provisions.


When GTA speaks, government officials can be confident they are hearing the consensus voice of the gas turbine industry. GTA's Government Affairs committee focuses on increasing government recognition and support of the gas turbine industry. The Committee educates policy makers on applications and advantages of gas turbines, and advocates positions of interest on legislative and regulatory proposals.

It is important that the government understands that the gas turbine industry provides the most efficient, low cost, clean energy available to meet our domestic needs, improve our energy security, reduce consumer energy costs and increase economic growth. If the industry delivers this message, Congress will support technology R&D and deployment, and federal and state regulators will put in place rational emissions regulations for gas turbines.