Technical Affairs Committee
Guy DeLeonardo, Chairman

Annual DOE Appropriations – work with Congress and the Administration and Industry Allies from Gas, Coal, Biomass DG and Gasification industries to secure funding for annual Department of Energy Turbine R&D funding levels recommended by Technical Affairs Committee. GTA Statement

Natural Gas Interchangeability – continue work with industry experts to examine any possibility of performance changes that could result from fuel variations related to gas interchangeability, and are working to ensure the area is studied to make sure that any new federal standards take gas turbine users needs into consideration.

R&D Road Mapping Conference/Workshops – develop technical multi-year roadmap outlining gas turbine R&D needs, and conduct meetings/workshops necessary to develop industry position related to turbine technology needs.

University and Technical Society Outreach– implement communications plan working with University Turbine Systems program participants and ASME IGTI to educate and garner support from academic and technical communities on items of common interest.

Coal and Bio-energy Outreach –implement communications plan to communicate with coal and bioenergy industries on the value of turbine technology development to facilitate clean power systems.



The GTA Technical Affairs Committee develops recommendations for government-supported technology R&D programs. The Committee also provides an industry forum to develop industry technical guidelines needed to increase the understanding and utilization of gas turbine engines.

The Committee examines new opportunities for government/industry partnership programs to move the state of gas turbine technology forward. GTA partners with the DOE, State energy offices, associations and research institutes to put together program-planning workshops.